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How We Work

At Visentia our objective is to build long-term relationships and create mutual benefits for our customers, our team, the community, as well as the environment. We aim to maximise effectiveness for our clients through a unique combination of exceptional service and technical expertise.


We strive to be the chemistry experts in the industrial water treatment marketplace and supply a range of solutions to help a diversity of industries use water efficiently and mitigate problems that can come from water. We believe in thinking outside the box and look for new ways to apply technology in order to deliver superior results for our customers.

Our philosophy is to bring the best global technologies available for water treatment to our customers, which includes chemicals, dosing equipment, sensors, automation and control. Our source of ideas comes from a wealth of industry experience from within our team, networking with like-minded companies around the world and having our experts working in your plants to understand the issues you are facing.


Our New Zealand operations are based in Auckland consisting of head office, laboratory, mechanical workshop and manufacturing facilities. South Island customers are served from our warehouse in Christchurch. Our field staff are located throughout New Zealand in proximity to our client base, which are mostly active in the areas of dairy, meat, seafood, timber, brewing, beverage, commercial buildings and general manufacturing.


Visentia is committed to managing chemicals responsibly and implementing best practices in safety, health and environmental (SH&E) protection through our membership with Responsible Care New Zealand . We support the advancement of boiler water treatment through our committee membership and corporate sponsorship of the New Zealand Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (NZAPWS).

Visentia is a member of the Association of Water Technologies in the US, which is an active community of independent water treatment companies dedicated to furthering of knowledge, technology and training around heat transfer in industrial and commercial processes.

Visentia’s extensive water treatment solutions and risk management programmes allow our customers to lower energy costs, extend asset life, improve operations, optimise safety, and reduce downtime. Contact our team today if you would like to know more about the Visentia way.