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Microbiological Deposit Control

Visentia understands microbiology in water systems and offers a range of chemical treatments to keep your cooling system bug-free, from traditional biocides and bio-dispersants through to advanced and cost-effective halogens and oxidants.

Cooling water systems are continually innoculated by microrganisms due to less than ideal treatment of makeup water and contamination from the environment. Common microorganisms found are bacteria, fungi, algae and multicellular organisms such as protozoa and worms. Being a living and evolving system, treatment can be challenging. If treatment is not up to the mark, these microorganisms will rapidly multiply in the water system due to the suitable temperature range and abundance of nutrients in the water. Ultimately they will adhere to surfaces and form voluminous slime deposits on heat exchanger surfaces, pipe work and within the packing media of the cooling tower. These deposits can be difficult to remove once established and will reduce heat transfer efficiency and cause various types of corrosion of metallic surfaces.