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Solid-Liquid Separation

Whether you are using a clarifier, dissolved air flotation cell, belt press or similar operation to separate suspended solids from water, a Visentia polymer solution could help you improve settling efficiency to deliver cleaner water, more concentrated recovered solids and higher throughput. Visentia has a complete range of coagulants, flocculants, pH adjusters, sensors and automation systems that can be customised to your plant’s configuration.

The behaviour of particles settling through water is according to Stoke’s law which states that the drag resistance to settling is proportional to the diameter of the particle, however the gravitational settling force on the particle is proportional to the cube of the diameter. Therefore, increasing effective particle size by clumping particles together results in much higher settling velocity. Chemicals such as polymeric coagulants and flocculants work to enhance solid-liquid separation by clumping particles together. There are many chemistries available, whose function needs to be optimised through careful product selection based on your system’s physical and chemical conditions and suitable application into your system.