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Gray Johnson

Marketing Manager

Gray Johnson has spent most of his career working in the water and process treatment chemicals industry, which has given him the opportunity to live and work in many countries around the world, including Singapore, Mexico, Japan, China, and Australia. He says this experience has given him a unique perspective on many countries and places less travelled enjoying many memorable experiences with people from all cultures, backgrounds and industries.

What excites Gray most is just how vital water is to so many industries, how water chemistry impacts significantly on customers’ operations, and the role that companies like Visentia play in problem-solving and developing innovative solutions. He also loves the strategic side of the business, figuring out what the right things to be doing as a company to deliver a better result to customers.

Gray grew up on a farm in Northland where everything could be fixed with no.8 wire, so he appreciates being back in New Zealand and being able to pass on a small amount of this practical kiwi way to his kids who have largely grown up in Asia.